Dennkind Dock

Extent your Desktop with the stylish designed and animated Dock.
Add games and apps to the integrated library.
Customize with Skins and Extensions.

Dennkind Dock Screenshot

Update 3.0

  • Skins and Extensions added
  • Import games from Steam added
  • Free position and alignment implemented
  • Change icons implemented
  • Launch library items with arguments implemented

Learn more about Update 3.0 on Steam:


Customize your Windows Desktop with the Dock's skins and extensions


Choose from available skins

Dennkind Dock Skins


Use the Dock's extensions to customize your Desktop

Dennkind Dock Extensions

User Profiles

Create your own user profiles to quickly switch between multiple environments

Dennkind Dock User Profiles


Manage your games & apps in the integrated library. Import your games from Steam.

Dennkind Dock Extensions

Dennkind Dock on Steam